2019 season video



Bad luck, but a good ending


The last race weekend of 2019 is behind us. Race 11 and 12 of this season in Frohburg were all but kind to me. Besides the IRRC superbike we joined the Open 1000 class as well. During the open 1000 I felt comfortable on the bike and felt good physically after finally being able to train properly again since all the injuries I had. Sadly during the first qualifying session of the IRRC superbike all things went south. My lap times were getting better and better and I was sure I could put in a top time once I got a clear track in front of me. But just when I thought I had a clear track in front of me I went down hard. Apparently just before I came around a corner another rider dropped oil on the track and the marshals did not yet show the oil flags when I arrived. Sliding off of the oil I had a big off and wrote off the bike. It was totally destroyed and I had taken some damage as well.
The medical staff took good care of me and after giving me a check-up let me go. I had some bruises all over my body and my right leg was stiff, swollen and hurting.
Together with the team we decided not to ride the rest of the day.
Come Sunday morning my leg actually felt worse, but I still wanted to give it a go. The team prepared the second bike for me and we went to the start of the IRRC superbike race 1. Sadly out bad luck wasn’t over yet as while we were on the grid my mechanic Arno saw the bike was leaking petrol. After a quick check they found a crack in the tank and that was the end of the race for me. My mechanics Arno and Gerard quickly got to work and repaired the tank so I could join the second race of the Open 1000 class.
Because the bike wasn’t totally ready when we should have joined the sighting lap I had to start the warmup lap from the pits and the race from the back of the field. I had a slow start but slowly got into a rhythm and started to pass other riders and finished the race in 7th position. My leg was hurting after the race, but I was happy that I was able to complete the 10 laps. This gave me confidence I could do well in the IRRC Superbike race.
I had a bad start to the race but half a lap in the red flag came out. Another rider had a big crash and needed to be taken care of. After waiting in the pit lane for a while the race was ready to be restarted but there was one problem, the bike did not want to start. We tried to push start the bike and after three tries we got it going. This time I got a good start and was able to keep my qualifying position which was 9th. Half way the race I was in 8th place and doing way better lap times then I thought I could do with my physical condition. I was following the ride in front of me and felt I had a little more to give. During the last lap I closed the gap to him completely and was positioning myself to pass him in the last corner. I made a mistake going through the second to last corner and lost a bit of ground but I was determined to have a go. Breaking extra late I managed to position myself next to de rider in front and make a pass for the 7th position!!
It’s a shame we did not manage to start the first IRRC race and couldn’t get points in that race. In the championship I dropped to 7th. But since our goal was to try and finish in the top 10 this season we can’t complain.
I want to thank all my sponsors, fans and the whole team for a great season. We had our fair share of bad luck but had some great times as well.


“If you crash on saturday just go and race on sunday. You can always go to the hospital on monday :-D ”